Diverging Diamond

ddi_imageOn transportation projects that present many challenges such as the Route 60 and National Avenue Interchange, the engineers are charged with finding several efficient and low cost solutions. Such was the case when the City of Springfield, Missouri determined that the traffic congestion in and around this interchange was not only impeding the local commuter traffic, but more importantly delaying response time for emergency vehicles supporting the hospital and several medical facilities located around this interchange.

EFK Moen (a certified MoDOT DBE) responded with a non-traditional interchange design, a Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI), which accommodates high daily traffic volumes within a narrow interchange footprint creating the opportunity to save the owner a significant amount of money, and reduce right of way needs. This DDI design along with several other roadway and bridge geometric enhancements has created a better traffic level of service while also addressing a specific travel pattern need for the hospital.

Project Details